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Macau is an island cultivated for visitors where dining, sightseeing and recreational choices are plentiful. It is truly a slice of the Mediterranean, combining both Asian and western flavours to mouthwatering effect. Assuming the role as a gateway between the east and west, its 25 sites placed on the United Nations World Heritage List in July, including Chinese temples, Catholic churches, hilltop forts and lighthouses are testament to this. Geographically divided into three main regions: a Peninsula and two islands, however, the reclamation of the area between Taipa and Coloane has created a fourth region of Cotai.

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Areas of Macau

  • Downtown Macau

    Downtown Macau

    Downtown Macau is the most interesting part of the island. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Sight in July 2005, there are Read More»

  • Macau Inner Harbour

    Macau Inner Harbour

    Macau's Inner Harbour was once Macau's main commercial district. Today, it is known as a transportation hub, with boats Read More»

  • Macau Outer Harbour

    Macau Outer Harbour

    The most urbanised part of the island with three areas: The conference and exhibition space – the Macau Forum – the Read More»

  • Coloane


    Known as 'Macau's countryside', Coloane Island is the only part of Macau that truly retains an essence of the past. The Read More»

  • Taipa


    Originally two separate islands – Taipa, was joined up by excess silt from the Pearl River, in the same way Coloane was. Read More»

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