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Everything you Need to Know about Coloane Island

Known as 'Macua's countryside', Coloane Island is the only part of Macau that truly retains an essence of the past. The island is a tranquil place and perfect for those who wish to escape the chaotic city. Besides spectacular hills and beach-lined bays, Coloane Island is home to a myriad of historical attractions and recreational facilities. Combined, these unique amenities provide a favorite holiday destination for both the Macanese and foreigners.

Travelling from island to island is convenient in Macau, as bridges link all three islands. Coloane is connected with Taipa Island via Estrada do Istmo Bridge. However, recent land reclamation between the two islands has created a new town called Cotai which will be home to several casinos and resorts in the near future. Coloane Island is easily accessible and can be reached by bus 21A from A-Ma Temple or Bus 25 from Portas do Cerco.

Coloane Island Travel Guide
Coloane Island Hotels - Where to Stay in Coloane Island Coloane Island Hotels

With only a few hotels located around the island, you would be right to assume that Coloane is more peaceful than the other Macanese locations. Read More...

Coloane Island Attractions Coloane Island Attractions

Coloane Island maintains many of the traditional ways of Macanese living.  Coloane Village is a large fishing community with shops and colourful temples along its narrow lanes. Read More...

Coloane Island Restaurants Coloane Island Restaurants

Restaurants here are very similar to those in the rest of Macau and if you are visiting Taipa you will find the menu is often influenced by Portuguese cuisine. Read More...

Coloane Island Activities Coloane Island Activities

An ideal family holiday destination, Coloane Island offers something for everyone, whether you are a sports lover, or you are more at home with nature and culture. Read More...


Coloane Island Map Coloane Island Map

Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as well as attractions, landmarks and other items of interest with links to relevant information pages. Read More...

Coloane Island Nightlife Coloane Island Nightlife

Known as the most peaceful island among Macau's three, Coloane Island's nightlife is an alternative choice for you to relax in a more tranquil, even romantic, and laid back setting.

Coloane Island Shopping Coloane Island Shopping

Coloane is not as developed as Macau Peninsula or Taipa Island, especially in terms of commerce and entertainment. However, visiting local markets is another recommended cultural experience that you may not find or see in the big city. Coloane Market by the Eduardo Marques Square offers local goods, household products, foods, and some imports from China.

Hotels in Coloane Island

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