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    What to See in Coloane Island

    Coloane Island hosts many interesting and historical tourist sites, and still maintains many of the traditional ways of Macanese living. Coloane Village itself is still a large fishing community located in the southwest portion of the island, featuring local shops and colourful temples along its narrow lanes. Situated on the southern coasts of the island, the Chapel of St Francis Xavier is a must-see attraction. Sightseeing around Coloane can be easily done by bus or on foot within a day. However, leave time to unwind, and to bask in the sun, and explore the other natural beauties offered on Coloane. 

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All Attractions in Coloane Island

A-Ma Statue and Cultural Village


A short stroll along the hiking trail from Sea Pai Van Park will take you to a statue of A-Ma. Built in 1998 to commemorate the goddess who gave Macau its name, the 20-metre statue stands triumphantly atop Alto de Coloane. Below this landmark are an enormous Tian Hou Temple and a local complex. A-Ma Cultural Village contains a museum, a vegetarian restaurant, and shops selling handmade products.

Also, this is an excellent spot to take in the breathtaking scenery of Hac Sa beach as well as the surrounding landscapes. A free bus service runs every 30 minutes from the A-Ma Ornamental Entrance Gate on Estrada de Seac Pai Van.

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Chapel of St Francis Xavier


The highlight in Coloane Village is the waterfront Chapel of St Francis Xavier, located on the opposite end of Eduardo Marques Square. This mustard-coloured chapel was built in 1928 to honour St Francis Xavier, a missionary to Japan who died in 1552 on Sanchuan Island, 50 miles from Macau. The chapel contains some of the most sacred Christian relics in Asia.

A room on the right of the chapel displays an interesting painting of a Kum Lam, comparable to the Virgin Mary, on its wall. For many years, the chapel kept a bone fragment of St Francis Xavier's arm, but it has now been transferred to the St Joseph Seminary on the Macau Peninsula.

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Coloane Village


Although recent tourism has boosted Coloane Village's local economy, it is still sustained mostly by its fishing revenue. A stroll along the narrow lanes flanked by temples and colourful shops is a joy. Visitors can simply start from the village centre, Eduardo Marqsues Square. Directly on the east of the square is the Coloane Market, offering local goods, novelties, and several restaurants and cafés where you can find the famous Portuguese egg tarts.

To the west of Eduardo Marques Square you can find the Avenida de Cinco de Outurbro, the main esplanade, where you can look across the tapered channel to the hills of China proper. A bit further down on the same street is Tam Kung Temple, which was built to pay homage to Lord Tam, a Taoist god of seafarers.

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Museum of Nature & Agriculture


Located in the Seac Pai Van Park, the museum displays traditional farming equipment, dioramas of Coloane's ecosystem, including a detailed catalogue of the wide range of the island's distinct fauna and flora. Built in 1998, the museum provides both written and audio-visual documentation for visitors to learn about the geography, climate, medicinal plants and various facets of the natural environment in Macau. The museum is closed Mondays as well as national holidays and admission is free.

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Seac Pai Van Park


Along Estrada Seac Pai Van is a 20-hectare park located at the end of Cotai. Exploring for a day around Seac Pai Van Park, one will find a medicinal garden, which is exceptional, sprouting species of plants and trees from around the world. Also, there is a mini zoo and a large lake where you can find swans and other waterfowl as well as numerous species of rare birds, another favorite spot for photographers and artists who find inspiration in nature.

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