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Everything you Need to Know about Macau Inner Harbour

Macau's Inner Harbour is also known as the Northern Macau Peninsula. The area was once Macau’s main commercial district. Today, Inner Harbour is a transportation hub, with boats heading out to Shenzhen and Wanzai across the Inner Harbour in Zhuhai of China. Encompassing everything northward from Luis de Camoes Garden in the west and Guia Fort in the east to the border with the mainland, Macau Inner Harbour area offers many attractive sites for tourists to visit.

Exploring the area on foot is possible for those who want to stop and get sidetracked frequently. There are also chauffeur-driven tour buses that are replicas of those in London in the 1920s. These buses seat nine people and are available for tours throughout the day.

Macau Inner Harbour Hotels - Where to Stay in Macau Inner Harbour Inner Harbour Hotels

Inner Harbour offers several midrange hotels, making it an ideal destination for budget travellers. As for its attractions, the area is packed with interesting options. Read More...

Macau Inner Harbour Attractions Inner Harbour Attractions

The area plays host to many important historical and religious sites, for example, the first church ever built in Macau and still holding Sunday services in Portuguese, is the Church of St Anthony. Read More...

Macau Inner Harbour Shopping Inner Harbour Shopping

The shopping experience at Inner Harbour is different from Downtown and the Outer Harbour. Markets here are focused on local shoppers and offer inexpensive products. Read More...

Macau Inner Harbour Activities Inner Harbour Activities

Inner Harbour’s core appeal lies in its culture and natural tourism. A trip along the shoreline in a pedicab is a chance to see and photograph the city and its colourful architecture.  Read More...


Macau Inner Harbour Restaurants Macau Inner Harbour Restaurants

Restaurants in the Inner Harbour offer decent local food and some dishes influenced by Portuguese cuisine. However, dining out in Macau is not just about Macanese and Portuguese food. It is also renowned for its delicious dim sum that some say is better than that found in Hong Kong. Taking a stroll along the Red Market, you will find this special treat sold at food stalls.

Macau Inner Harbour Nightlife Macau Inner Harbour Nightlife

Known as the most tranquil in comparison to the other areas on the Macau Peninsula, Inner Harbour is far from the daze and craze of the city. The only nightlife highlight for the area is the greyhound racing. However, the Casino capital of the East and other electric nightlife venues in both Peninsula Downtown and Outer Harbour are easily accessible by public transportation and taxi services.

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