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Everything you Need to Know about Macau Outer Harbour

Macau’s Outer Harbour is the most urbanised part of the island and encompasses three areas: The conference and exhibition space – the Macau Forum – the reclaimed land of NAPE and the southwest corner of the Peninsular. Popular with tourists due to the high-concentration of hotel-casinos and shopping venues, this is where most of Macau’s action happens.

With a great choice of restaurants and vibrant nightlife, the Harbour is a great place to be and attracts many of the island's expats. The Outer Harbour of Macau is the place to be if you are after that 24-hour buzz and cosmopolitan vibe Macau has become famous for.  

Outer Harbour Hotels - Where to Stay in Outer Harbour Outer Harbour Hotels

There are no shortage of hotels and resorts in Macau’s Outer Harbour. The Southern Peninsular has the highest concentration of casinos in one area, with everything from The Sands to The Wynn. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Attractions Outer Harbour Attractions

The Outer Harbour has a bit of everything. Modern and innovative architecture, colonial villas and some fantastic museums present a high entertainment factor. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Restaurants Outer Harbour Restaurants

This area Of Macau is a popular tourist site so many of the eateries are geared towards international holidaymakers while others were there prior to Macau’s emergence as the Vegas of the East. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Nightlife Outer Harbour Nightlife

While Macau’s nightlife is still in its infancy, it is proving to be fairly wild in its formative years. Pretty much a 24-hour part of town, the casinos always welcome guests in for a drink. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Shopping Outer Harbour Shopping

Reminiscent of London’s Bond Street or Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui, this is the place to do some serious shopping thanks to its duty-free status. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Activities Outer Harbour Activities

The cluster of casinos around the Old Harbour ensures that putting a bet on and walking back into the realms of the flashing lights and racing energy is done in an instant. Read More...


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