Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain Show

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The Cybernetic Fountain is the largest manmade water fountain in Asia. Through its 86 water spouts, the main cannon shoots a spray of water 80 metres high. The Cybernetic Fountain also sports a laser show and the sight of 288 coloured spotlights shining through falling water is certainly impressive.

There are several cannons lined up and the sprays of water are coordinated by computer to create a magnificent rainbow. The three-dimensional effects are truly stunning.

Highlights and Features

The laser show is free to the public but make sure you check the schedule to go to see it at the right night. Show times vary throughout the year with extra spectacles put on during holiday season, especially at Chinese New Year, New Year’s Day, the mid-autumn festival and around Christmastime. Access to the fountain laser show is relatively easy as it is located by the Ferry Terminal.

Location: Next to ferry terminal

Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountian Show


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