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What and Where to Eat in Macau

The world-class standard of cuisine in Macau caters to locals and visitors to the island in search of an exclusively five-star experience. On the flip side of this, being a city of contrast it is easy to find cheap food and also not compromise on quality or taste – be it dim sum or a gourmet dish, dining out here doesn’t have to break the bank.

Taipa is the place to head for tasty and well-priced Portuguese food, while downtown Macau’s daai-paai-dawng – open air street stalls - are cheap and cheerful and arguably offer some of the best food on the island. Dining is an early affair in Macau usually coming to a finish at around 21:00. 


Coloane Island Restaurants Coloane Island Restaurants

Restaurants here are very similar to those in the rest of Macau and if you are visiting Taipa you will find the menu is often influenced by Portuguese cuisine. Read More...

Downtown Macau Restaurants Downtown Restaurants

Macau is a melting point of international cuisine housing some of the worlds most acclaimed restaurants, whether it’s a Michelin star restaurant or street noodles you are after. Read More...

Taipa Island Restaurants Taipa Island Restaurants

With the highest concentration of Portuguese-style restaurants on Macau, Taipa is the place to be if you want to tuck into some authentic, fusion fare. Read More...

Macau Outer Harbour Restaurants Outer Harbour Restaurants

This area Of Macau is a popular tourist site so many of the eateries are geared towards international holidaymakers while others were there prior to Macau’s emergence as the Vegas of the East. Read More...

Macau Inner Harbour Restaurants Macau Inner Harbour Restaurants

Restaurants in the Inner Harbour offer decent local food and some dishes influenced by Portuguese cuisine. However, dining out in Macau is not just about Macanese and Portuguese food. It is also renowned for its delicious dim sum that some say is better than that found in Hong Kong. Taking a stroll along the Red Market, you will find this special treat sold at food stalls.


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