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What to Do in Taipa Island

Taipa Island's ‘to-do' list offers an exiting mix of physical recreation, gambling, horse racing, and just plain lounging. Considered as being the quieter part of the island, it is popular with those who want balanced recreational choices - thus casinos by night and culture and (for those who choose) strenuous activity by day. Here both are readily available, with numerous scenic hiking routes and idyllic waterside picnic spots. Beyond the beautiful sights of Macau the area is popular for the atmospheric Macau Jockey Club, where race meetings take place throughout the week.


The two Taipa Hills also serve as a great destination for cycling enthusiasts and are the perfect opportunity to escape the ultra-modern and over-developed landscape of the Inner and Outer Harbours. The hill on the east side of Taipa, next to the airport is the larger and is the better option for mountain biking.

The smaller hill on the west side has a slower pace and is good for relaxed, less strenuous cycling and running. There are decent bicycles for rent in Rua Governador Tamagnini Barbosa in Taipa village, just behind the bus stop.



Home to the decadent Renaissance Venice-themed Venetian Macau, the hotel features replica canals and gondolas, where tokens ride can be taken. The casino is all glitz and glamour, being the biggest single structure hotel building in Asia. Divided into four themed gaming areas; Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix, the 800 gaming tables and 3,400 slot machines make this the biggest casino in the world.

The newly opened six-star Crown hotel-casino also features a huge casino open 24 hours a day, so essentially the fun never stops, unless the money runs out, that is.


Although Macau is rarely considered as being a hiking destination, it has plenty of opportunity for quality treks. The island's hilly terrain and close proximity to water ensure that walking unfamiliar territory here makes it a pleasure. Taipa has the best trails in Macau due to its lofty landscape. Many hiking enthusiasts frequent the island just for the two-kilometre circuit, drawn to the innate beauty of the place.

Macau Jockey Club

Interestingly enough, Macau Jockey Club is one of the island's biggest employers, providing over 2,000 jobs. Horse racing is somewhat of a national institution on the island with meetings taking place every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The race-course has an area of 450,000sqm and features some18,000 seats for gamblers, making it one of the biggest in the world. Most hotels run shuttle bus’s to the Club where days and evenings can be spent watching felt-track races and having a few drinks. Boasting of one of the most technologically advanced racecourses in Asia, all the horses raced are also trained here. Expect a fun-packed day and for some a new experience.

The Beach

The coastline of Macau is peppered with idyllic beaches offering a soothing and relaxed alternative to the island's gaming and sightseeing culture. The untouched beaches are a great place to spend the day swimming or lounging with a loved one. Less crowded than Coloane’s coastline, Taipa’s shores are the place to go for some tranquil time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Preparing some food before you go might work to your advantage, as beyond a few snack stalls, food outlets are a bit scarce.

Hotels in Taipa Island

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