Taipa Island Attractions

What to See in Taipa Island

Taipa has a great choice of sightseeing opportunities, either on foot or by bike, around the tight concentration of religious-affiliated architecture, numerous educational sites and institutions and traditional Macanese living areas – all offering a fascinating insight into the many faces of Macau. The small gathering of museums collectively exhibit the real face of traditional Macanese culture.

The Four Face Buddha Shrine and Pou Tai Temple are examples of the other religions the island has embraced, alongside Catholicism. Taipa is generally an atmospheric place, where the pace of life slows down a notch and the old-world Macau slowly but surely begins to emerge.

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All Attractions in Taipa Island

Four Faced Buddha Shrine

An awe-inspiring sight, situated northeast of the Macau Jockey Club, the grandiose Four Faced is surrounded by four stone leaf elephants adorned with traditional Thai style bouquets and painted with gold leaf. Each of the four faces represents an element of the earth, directed in four directions. He holds in his hands the Vedas (ancient book of wisdom and learning), a string of pearls for counting time along with a sacrificial spoon symbolic of spiritual nature.

The fourth hand is usually raised in blessing. He also carries water in a Kamandalu (water pot), indicating that the universe has evolved from water. The Shrine is popular with hopeful gamblers who come to pray before a meeting in the hope that their horse will come in well placed.

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Museum of Taipa and Coloane

A less impressive version of the Macau Museum, the museum seeks to educate visitors on the earlier cultural history of Taipa and Coloane. Built on the former sight of the island's one time Municipal Council, considered to have played an important role in the development of the island, the first floor features a collection of dug up relics while the second floor is dedicated to handicrafts, religious objects and architectural models.

The Portuguese-style building is a good place to visit if you are interested in archeology and the influence religion has had in shaping it. The nine different exhibition rooms are differentiated according to location and specific themes present in each room. Visitors can also watch video presentations and pick up a few token reminders of their trip in the souvenir shop.

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Pou Tai Temple

The biggest Buddhist temple complex on the island is frequented as a place of worship by the small percentage of Macanese Buddhists. An ancient structure, the Pou Tai Temple is surrounded by orchid greenhouses and houses three Buddha statues on the inside and is the only temple with a quadrangle pavilion as public place on Taipa. There are altogether three palaces in the temple.

The main palace is the Palace of the Pak Tai, dedicated to the Pak Tai; the two auxiliary palaces are the Palace of Hua Guang and the Palace of Kwan Tai. The Palace of Hua Guang is dedicated to the Emperor of Hua Guang and the Empress of Golden Flowers. The Palace of Kwan Tai is dedicated to Kwan Tai and the Lord in charge of Wealth.

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Taipa Houses Museum

Situated on Avenida da Praia in Taipa, the Museum consists of three of the five lime-green, waterfront villas that were built by an affluent Macau summer resident in 1921. The remaining two houses are used for special exhibitions and as a reception house. Distinguished from the rest of Macau’s museums with its fairly isolated location, guests can relax on the old-fashioned benches and enjoy views of the Coati strip, while appreciating the serene surrounding environment.

The three constant exhibition houses are; The House of the Regions of Portugal, House of the Islands and The Macanese House, these are thought to constitute one of Macau’s most prominent cultural relics and heritage displays.

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Taipa Village

Taipa Village is a small and peaceful community with narrow streets, and picturesque markets. Portuguese-style offices, ancient temples and colonial villas blend effortlessly with the area’s old-fashioned street lamps, hanging flower baskets and street vendors. Food Street, which is also known as the Rua da Cunhna, draws many people over to the south of the island, Read More...

  • Location: South of the island
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