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Where and What to Eat in Taipa Island

With the highest concentration of Portuguese-style restaurants on Macau, Taipa is the place to be if you want to tuck into some authentic, fusion fare. The Portuguese brought many of the flavours of the Mediterranean to the east and also infused several of Asia and Africa’s unique spicing techniques into their own cuisine.

Visitors should expect more reasonable prices in this region of Taipa, many of the restaurants are family owned and low key establishments, where the mouthwatering fare speaks for itself. Expect imported crabs, fresh fish and delicious 'African' chicken. There are a still some great dim sum places within the area well worth checking out. 


A family Macanese restaurant, popular with both locals and visitors. Most of the meat-based dishes make use of typical Mediterranean produce, such as olive oil and oregano. Thought to be one of the best traditional Portuguese-style restaurants on the island the famous chicken continues to pull in the international crowd, looking for some home cooked authentic fare.



Easily found, the red rooster gracing the door is the give away to this quaint eatery, serving up Portuguese dishes of simple and fresh ingredients. Owned by a native Portuguese, every Sunday a traditional stew is cooked up – something of a rarity on the island and a good experience for any of those who are eager to embrace authentic and traditional Mediterranean fare. Be sure to try the roast suckling pig, the undisputed star of the menu.

Kapok Cantonese Restaurant

Arguably, Taipa’s best dim sum eatery, the crowded restaurant is very popular with locals and tourists who have heard of it. Situated next to the Chun Yu Feng tea house, expect it to be busy on weekend and pleasantly cheap and cheerful.

Miss Macau

Named after the owner's two daughters who were both crowned Miss Macau, the fusion Portuguese and Macanese restaurant, features influences from India, Africa and Asia – there are some interesting dishes to be savoured. Be sure to check out the curry crab and 'Ze do Pipo', (cod) complemented by the extensive wine list.

O Santos

This popular Portuguese restaurant attracts quite a crowd all eager to sample the signature Sapateira Recheada, a crab flown in from Portugal. Set in an old Chinese three-storey house, the family-run place is one example of the Macau’s restaurant scene that make it such a unique place to eat. Featuring simple and understated decor, the warm ambience can be attributed to the flawless service and hearty dishes. O Santos can also hold claim to being the only restaurant on the island to have a prestigious 'Euro-Toque' Award. 

Seng Cheong

The signature dish of water crab porridge has seen this understated establishment emerge as must-visit destination for celebrities, tourists and locals – becoming a something of a culinary institution to the island. The beauty of this restaurant is that the main focus lies upon the food, so the fact that the furniture is plastic and the lights a tad unflattering, appear to go unnoticed. Although the staff's English is limited the menu is well illustrated.

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